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LAFD Golf Club Members, There are a few changes that will begin as of January 1, 2020. There will be announcements regarding the World Handicap System forthcoming. 
Your New Board of Directors :

President - Noel Murchet
Vice President - Gary Mannan
Secretary - Gordon Wilson
Treasurer - Joe Zabalza
Tournament Chairman - Mark Zizi
North Directors - Todd Tsujimura
                             Eric Dillon
                             Jeff Simon
South Directors - Mike Monroy
                             Will Nevins
                             Ryan Chance
All director contact information is on the website.
Here is a listing of the "Major" tournaments scheduled for this year.

Feb 25,26        So Cal @ Palm Desert Golf Classicta
Mar 2              Maltese Cup LA City vs LA County at Alta Visa CC 
April 27,28      So Cal @ Las Vegas May 4-7         
????               Memorial Club Championship in Mission Hills (to be rescheduled)
June 25          2020 Seniors Championship @ Rio Hondo
Aug 3-5           So Cal @ Lake Tahoe
Aug 11            Klasse Invitational Shamble @ Talega GC
Sept 14-17      Partners Championship @ Singing Hills
Sept 23           LAFRA Invitational @ MountainGate  
Oct 5              Craig Alder Tournament @ Temecula Creek 
Nov 30-Dec 1 Pebble Beach So Cal Firefighters Golf Assn.

Presidents Blog updated on 12/15/19

Upcoming Tournaments
July 29 (Wed)  8:30 AM- Monarch Beach Golf Links
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Monarch Beach Golf Links

Deadline: July 22
Maximum Number of Players: 48
COST: $104.00
August 11 (Tue)  8:00 AM- Klasse Invitational at Talega
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Talega Golf Club
B Shift on duty

Deadline: August 1
Maximum Number of Players: 65
COST: $75.00
September 1 (Tue)  8:00 AM- Rio Hondo Country Club
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Rio Hondo Country Club

Deadline: August 25
Maximum Number of Players: 40
COST: $60.00
September 15 (Tue)  8:00 AM- 2020 Partners Championship @ Singing Hills - Round 1
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Scramble  at Singing Hills Resort At Sycuan (Oak Glen Course)
 The best tournament of the year. 3 days of golf, 3 nights at Singing Hills, 3 formats. 2 man Scramble, Best Ball & Modified Pinehurst (alternate shot). Due to the pandemic signups are on the website only. The flyer with possible adjustments to the tournament will be available on the website in July. 

Deadline: August 14
Maximum Number of Players: 100
COST: $600.00
September 16 (Wed)  8:00 AM- 2020 Partners Championship @ Singing Hills - Round 2
Format: Team Better Ball  at Steele Canyon Golf Club (Ranch/Meadow Course)
September 17 (Thu)  8:00 AM- 2020 Partners Championship @ Singing Hills - Round 3
Format: Team Scramble  at Singing Hills Resort At Sycuan (Willow Glen Course
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