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2012 Partners Championship at Sycuan Resort
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A Flight Champs Rick & Carlos Garcia

B Flight Champs Larry Kemp & Todd Tsujimura

C Flight Champs Steve Stigall & Paul Gamez

D Flight Champs Tom Lambert & Larry McAndress

A/B Flight Horse Race Champs Eric Dillon, Jeff Simon, Gary Klasse & Jim Meacham

A/B Flight Horse Race 2nd Place Doug moore, Larry Kemp, Todd Tsujimura & Graham Everett

A/B Flight Horse Race 3rd Place Mark Zizi, Ryan Chance, Gary Mannan & Andy Vidovich

C/D Flight Horse Race Champs John Ware, Tom Brennan, Vince Cardinale & Mike Dodd

C/D Flight Horse Race 2nd Place Ted Nonini, Evan Dixon, Joe Luna & Joe Vigil

C/D Flight Horse Race 3rd Place Tom Lambert, Larry McAndress, Steve Stigall & Paul Gamez

A Flight Gross Champs Dale Gant & Jeff Halloran
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